Chaimae Bourjij

Chaimae BOURJIJ, Regional Director Middle East & North Africa

Ms. Chaimae is a young leader passionate about women’s rights, freedom and youth empowerment as she has continuously contributed in building the capacity of young leaders through initiatives such as the Sustainable Development’s Youth association she founded last year, which won Global mobilizer of the year 2018 for SDGs by the UN SDG Action Campaign.

Her commitment is driven by the intention to familiarize young people with decision-making processes and strengthen their capacities under the aegis of democratic governance.

Ms. Chaimae holds a Masters of Arts in auditing and management control from National School of Business and Management (ENCG).

  • Programmes Manager, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (Morocco).
  • Communication Manager, CONFERENCE OF YOUTH 12, Marrakech – 2016.
  • Programmes Director, Chantiers De La Citoyenneté Association (CDC).
  • Founder/Vice-President/Strategic Director, Sustainable Development’s Youth Association.
  • Communication Manager, Liberty Camp - 2017. 
  • SDGs Coordinator, ENCGK International Model UN – 2017.
  • Communication and Coordination Manager, Junior Debaters Program Championship - The Great Debaters Morocco and the U.S Embassy, Rabat. 
  • Creative Writer, Aiesec Carthage - Discover Tunisia project, Tunisia,
  • Morocco Representative, MUIMUN - Münster University International Model United Nations, Münster – Germany.
  • Project Manager, IGNITE Conference – KENITRA, 2015.
  • Project Leader, ENACTUS ENCG Kenitra. 
  • Project/Communication Manager, HANDICAP’ABLE Community Action Project. 
  • Ambassador, ENCGK.
  • President, GENIE, ENCGK.

Certified Debate Coach, the Great Debaters Morocco and the U.S Embassy, Rabat.

Best Delegate Award, ENCGK Model United Nations – Kenitra, 2016,

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Regional Director, Middle East & North Africa (2018- ), Member of IYF Executive Board (2018- ).