Melodi KAYA

Melodi KAYA, IYF Assistant Secretary-General for Representational Affairs

Ms. Melodi KAYA is a global advocate with a decade of experience in community management reaching out to more than 10 million people across the globe to date. She brings to this position more than a wide range of experience in civic engagement, advocacy outreach, and coordinating youth and women’s empowerment work, as well as extensive experience supporting strategic management efforts.

Ms. Melodi holds master’s degree in Philosophy from Middle East Technical University.

  • Curator, Global Shaper & Youth Champion, World Economic Forum.
  • Head of Community & Ecosystem Partnerships, Here Technologies.
  • Global Program Manager, Developer Community, Here Technologies.
  • Senior Community Lead, Here Technologies.
  • UN Regional Focal Point (Humanitarian Affairs), Europe & North America.
  • Head of Marketing & Communications, CONNECTED2.ME.
  • Brand and Project Strategist, Landor Associates.
  • Sales & Marketing Manager, Onkogen Diagnostics.
  • Contributing Author, BrandTalks.
  • Youth Delegate, World Bank.

Entry in The IYF

IYF History
Assistant Secretary-General for Representational Affairs (2020- ), Member, Executive Board (2020- ), Member, Senior Management Team (2020- ).