Milica Zrnovic

Milica Zrnovic, Director, ASG

Ms. Milica Zrnovic is a young professional from Montenegro with experience in administration, project management support, and communications. She is passionate about international relations, innovation, youth development, and human rights.

Through her career, she conducted research about Social Innovation, related to the implementation of new or just better process of production and distribution of socially relevant changes that require new forms of organization and cooperation between public, private and not-for-profit sector in order to be more sustainable and to address major social challenges.

Ms. Zrnovic holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, International Relations and European Studies from University of Bari, Italy, and a Master’s degree in International Relations Europe Latin America from University of Bologna, Italy.

  • Associate, the Administrative Court - Podgorica, Montenegro.
  • Project Researcher, Council of Europe.
  • Research Assistant, Italian National Research Council.

Entry in The IYF

IYF History
Director, Headquarters Coordination Division (2019- 2020), Assistant Secretary-General, Director of the Executive Office (2019 - ); Member of the Executive Board (2019 - ).