Nidhal Lamraoui

Nidhal Lamraoui, IYF Assistant Secretary General on Women’s Empowerment Ms. Nidhal Lamraoui is a young professional, writer, speaker, mentor, global citizen, young advocate and women activist, passionate about youth development, international relations and women’s rights. She has been proactive in many women’s empowerment projects and initiatives at national and regional level. 

As a champion for change, Ms. Nidhal represents international efforts of women’s empowerment including striving for women’s economic empowerment and gender equality. By been actively locally and online, she had been heavily involved in several initiatives aim for supporting women representations and get their voice heard.

Ms. Nidhal holds Bachelor of Engineering from Institut National d'electricté et D'electronique (IGEE).

  • Executive Assistant, Acibadem Health Group.
  • Senior Vice President, ArabWIC Algeria.
  • Spokesperson, Institucion Universitara Esumer.
  • Translator, Golden Field.
  • Research Assistant, University of Minnesota.

  • Social Servant, American Cancer Society.
  • First Aider, Red Cross Youth.
  • Team Member, INJAZ Al-Arab.

History of Feminism and Women's Rights in Algeria.

Awarded academic scholarship in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Minnesota.

Entry in The IYF

IYF History
Under-Secretary-General (2018- ), Member of IYF Executive Board (2017-), Assistant Secretary-General, Women’s Empowerment (2017-2018 ), Director, Bureau of Management (2017-2018).