Tamara Amalia

Tamara Amalia, IYF Regional Director for Asia & Pacific

Ms. Tamara Amalia is a young leader and activist, born in Indonesia, 23 years old passionate about youth empowerment, journalism, and innovation. She also has been actively volunteering and involved in events and conferences. 

Mr. Amalia studied Arts in Interior Architecture at Limkokwing University, Malaysia.

  • Public Relations Executive, Global Peace Foundation.
  • Content & Script Writer, Radio PPI Dunia.
  • Corporate Communications, Mirum Advertising Agency.
  • Content Writer, ASEAN Economic Forum.
  • Membership & Public Affairs Associate, ASEAN Young Professional Network (AYPN).
  • Head, Organizational Development, Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia.
  • Government/NGO Relations Officer, ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO).
  • Delegate, Youth Global Forum.
  • Journalist, UN Roundtable 'Youth at the Heart of the 2030 Agenda', Bangkok - Thailand.
  • Assistant Coordinator, Character and Creativity Initiative.
  • Ambassador, Finance ASEAN Conference.

Break Those Stereotypes: A book by Ms. Tamara Amalia. (2017)
When the money is always there for war but not for supporting education (2017)

Entry in The IYF

IYF History
Assistant  Regional Director, Asia & Pacific (2016-2017).
Regional Director, Asia & Pacific (2018- ), Member of the IYF Executive Board (2018- ).