Accredited Organizations

IYF Accredited Organizations

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78 Accredited Organization 

Asia & Pacific 
Abra Youth Organizations Society
Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates International, Inc. (AYNLA)
Coalition on Rights & Responsibilities of Youth (CRY)
Development of Institution & Youth Alliance (DIYA)
Development House
International Youth Committee (IYC)
International Youth Council- Yemen
Kanlungan Pilipinas Movement Inc.
NWE Organization for Protecting Environment and Women Rights
Nice Youth for Culture and Education Society
National Youth Foundation
Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN)
Jharkhand Indigenous and Tribal Peoples for Action
World Assembly of Youth
Youth for Change and Development Organization
Youth in Action Balochistan

Americas & Carribean 
Associação de Jovens Engajamundo
Support Group for Indigenous Youth at Mato Grsso do Sul
Organisation pour une Nouvelle Vision de la Jeunesse d'Haiti OPNVJH

Aspafrique-jics Suisse
Centar za Omladinu Tvoja Srbija
Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia
KEAN-Cell of Alternative Youth Activities
Network of African Youths for Development
Youth for Transparency International

Action Jeunesse pour le Développement (AJED)
Africa Youth Coalition against Hunger
Africa Youth Growth Foundation (AYGF)
African Youths Initiative on Crime Prevention
Africamoja Youth Society
Association Culturelle Jeunes Talents Jeune Espoir
Association des Jeunes pour l'Agriculture du Mali
Association of Youth with Vision, The Gambia
Association YOUTHLEAD
AREWA Youth for Change and Empowerment Association
ALNOOR Orphanage Trust
ALghazaya Youth Organization
Beacon Youth Initiative
Center for Youth Development and Transformation
Centre for Youths Integrated Development
Centre for Coordination of Youth Activities (CCYA)
Dream Achievers Youth Organization (DAYO)
Egyptian Youth Association for Health Development (EYAHD)
Grand River South East Youth Circle
Global Youth Network for Empowerment and Development
Global Youth Leadership and Girl-Child Foundation
Horn Youth Development Association
Hope Inspired Foundation for Women and Youth
Integrated Youth Empowerment Center (IYEC)
International Islamic Youth League
International Centre for Youth Development on Information Communication Technology
Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement
Khmer Youth Association
Kulich Youth Reproductive Health and Development Organization (KYRHDO)
Mkolani Foundation Organization
NextGen Africa Initiative
National Association for Youth Exchanges
Prevention and first Aid Club
Promotion Jeunesse Unie pour le Développement (PJUD-BENIN ONG)
Prime Initiative for Green Development
Rwanda Pharmaceutical Students Association
Reach The Youth Uganda
Regroupement des Jeunes Africains pour la Démocratie et le Développement section
Stretchers Youth Organization
San Youth Network
Somali Youth Development Foundation (SYDF)
The Home for Youth Development Organization
Triumphant Youth Foundation
Talent Youth Association
Young Diplomats Zimbabwe
Youth in Action Program Cameroon
Youth against Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (YADD)
Youth For Development Initiative
Youth Without Borders - Tunisia
21st Century Community Empowerment for Youth and Women Initiative