Apply for IYF Partnership

There are many ways to partner with the International Youth Federation (IYF) as the driving force in creating positive change with young people. The IYF® is an effective international marketing platform, reaching millions of people in over 200 countries throughout the world. In order to be able to stage activities on such a scale, the support of worldwide partners, who provide vital services and support for the entire IYF® activities’ and operations, is crucial.

In addition, partners are offered the possibility of tailoring their sponsorship according to their marketing strategy and needs. For example, they can individually use the official logo or create composite logos. This not only allows them to differentiate themselves creatively from uninvolved third parties but also gives them an excellent marketing tool.

Types of Partnership
  1. Worldwide Partner: key partner for IYF® with full cooperation partnership agreement with a duration of up to 5 years, including all the partnership benefits.
  2. Certified Partner: key partner for IYF® with specific cooperation partnership agreement with a duration of up to 2 years, including all the partnership benefits
  3. Registered Partner: recognized national partner with a wide impact at community level.
  4. Media Partner: IYF® engages in matching valuable relationships with qualified print and digital media outlets who offer relevant news and editorial content. If you are media/press entities or a social media influencer such as a blogger or user group curator wishing to engage with IYF®  via an expanded relationship, please contact us.

Partnership Benefits:
  • Exchange visibility through sharing brands and corporate logos, sharing partner news and insights worldwide.
  • The right to use a special partner badge and the official logo.
  • Joint press releases for special events/occasions.
  • Authorization to use the Corporate Partner seal “IYF®” in community-directed advertising.
  • Microsites and sponsored content on media channels/platforms.
  • Showcase your corporate identity to a national and international audience, as well as co–branded publications.
  • Networking opportunities with new potential clients and showing your interest in supporting young people.

Terms and Conditions
You must agree to and comply with all the terms and conditions of the International Youth Federation Partner Agreement. IYF® reserves the right to approve or decline a partner application and is not obligated to disclose reasons for denial.

IYF® is proud that its main corporate partners continue to make sound long-term investments in the next generation of youth despite the recent economic downturn, through strengthened support towards youth empowerment. For more information about partnerships and investor relations please contact us.