Accreditation Policy

IYF’s key objective is to contribute to the significant improvement of the organizations involved in the field of youth. Accreditation is market-driven and has an international focus. It assesses the characteristics of an Institution and its programmes against a set of criteria established by NGO Accreditation Center.

Accreditation is a process of meeting organizational excellence and program/service standards developed by Global Engagement Youth Programme at professionals, provincial and international level. Accreditation indicates that the accredited organization has achieved an appropriate level of organizational proficiency and that it has reliable mechanisms in operation to continually improve the quality of services it delivers.

Benefits of Accreditation
Organizations benefit from both the status and the process of accreditation. Different benefits emerge from each step of the review cycle and continue to unfold over the long-term. Each organization will experience or capitalize on a different mix of benefits based on its needs at any given time.

1. Credibility and Accountability
  • International recognition of your organization’s commitment to excellence and the highest professional standards in the field of youth and community service.
  • A positive public image and validation of your organization’s work and accomplishments, and increased credibility with funding agencies and donors.
  • Stakeholders see the organization’s obligation to the public trust is fulfilled.
  • It signifies identification of quality of Institutional capabilities, skills, and knowledge.
  • A clearer sense of purpose and understanding of your organization’s strengths, goals, priorities and mission, and an opportunity for staff and board to be thoughtful about their practice in international recognized organization.

3. Leverage and Support
  • A valuable tool in lobbying local and state governments.
  • Improved relationships with other organizations resulting in more business engagement.
  • The application process commences with "Accreditation Request" which can be completed and submitted on-line. Once the “Accreditation Request" has been submitted and screened to ensure that the private provider falls within the scope of International Youth Federation quality assurance mandate.

4. Sustainability and a Stronger Institution
  • Accredited status represents the commitment of the programme and the Institution to quality and continuous improvement.
  • Fosters sustained organizational development and improvement.
  • A governing authority better educated about organization position.
  • Showing increased level of professionalism.

Accreditation Process

The initial accreditation process usually takes about three weeks to month, depending on the situation of the applicant organization and the data provided by them. IYF recommends a careful review of the Accreditation Policy/Procedures before proceeding.

Step 1: Submit the completed application form
Please include supporting information at the time of your application. The requested information must be clearly indicated on the application form. There is no fee to be paid for the accreditation.

Step 2: Be approved as an applicant for Accreditation
IYF will review the application to verify its completeness. If approved, the applicant certification body will endorse the application to be submitted to higher certification body.

Step 3: Application review/assessments
IYF NGO Accreditation Center team will review the application and other documents submitted by the applicant including its Quality Management System. In the assessment stage, IYF evaluates the competence and capability of the applicant and verifies its compliance with Accreditation Requirements and the relevant Standards.

Step 4: Commission Review and Decision
After review and successful assessment for an accreditation request, the IYF International Relations Commission made a decision regarding the agency’s accreditation to applicable standards. If satisfied the agency has met all accreditation requirements, the Commission awards accreditation for a three year period and is able to display the IYF’s Mark of Excellence “Accredited Organization”.

Step 5: Granting Accreditation
Based on the outcome of documents reviewed and initial assessments accreditation is granted initially for 5 years, the official accreditation certificate will be issued for the accredited agency.

Advertising your Accredited Status
Accreditation Logo: There is no better way to practitioner professionalism and showing global orientation in the field of youth than by use of IYF “Accredited Organization” eye-catching logo.

All Registrants must agree to the registration terms and conditions to grant them the license of using the logo. Please read the IYF Accreditation Policy, which shows what the logos look like and details conditions of use.

For more information on the accreditation process please contact NGO Accreditation Center via email