Anita Pavic

Anita Pavić, IYF Under-Secretary-General
Ms. Anita is a young leader, an advocate for women and girls who is very passionate about youth development, peace and conflict, innovation, and gender equality. Through her leadership and community engagement activities, she supported young people in Croatia through her own foundation ‘Youth Association Ahimsa’, and in 2018 she becomes an Ambassador for Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE) Network. 

Ms. Anita holds a Bachelor of Arts (French and Russian Language and Literature) from University of Zadar, Croatia, and a Master in Science degree in International Development: Poverty, Conflict and Reconstruction from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. 

  • Founder, President & Director, Youth Association Ahimsa.
  • Ambassador, Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE).
  • Research Assistant, The International Scholar.
  • Project Coordinator, Ashford Place.

Entry in The IYF

IYF History
Assistant Secretary-General (2019), Under-Secretary-General & Director, Bureau of Management (2019 - ); Member, Executive Board (2019- ), Member, High-level Committee on Management (2019- ).