Toward Women’s Civic Engagement: IYF President participated in the 2nd Asian Women Sports Journalists Workshop

Ms. Krystel Saneh, The IYF President with AIPS, LSMA and AUST Officials

Bruit - IYF:  The IYF President, Ms. Krystel SANEH participated in the 2nd Asian Women Sports Journalists Workshop organized by Association internationale de la presse sportive (AIPS) and Lebanese Sports Media Association (LSMA) in collaboration with American University of Science and Technology (AUST).

It was three days regional workshop, were people from different backgrounds and nationalities were giving each one a presentation about different topics either related to journalism, sports or women, including athletes talking about their personal experience. 

Also, the participants had the chance to debate and give our opinions and ask questions. One of the main outcomes was that Women in sports, journalists, and athletes, are not treated equally to men, especially in Asia. President Krystel said: "At the end of the day, it is our job to make a way for ourselves through the men's world". 

She added: "In my personal and honest opinion: we always tend to point out what the problem is, sometimes is so obvious, but I think we tend not to talk about solutions. As a young journalist, in these kinds of situations, I prefer to take action and make a way to myself instead of waiting for the opportunity. We should take initiatives and very quickly we will get a great opportunity, either in sports, journalism or any kind of job in Life".

At the International Youth Federation, we advocate for more diverse media that is reaching more citizens and providing a platform for women leaders thereby increasing information about them and their contribution to decision making, we believe that women everywhere have a right to make their voices heard through all community channels.

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