IYF President Julia Blocher encourages students to 'dream big' and ‘don’t fear failure’

Julia Blocher, President of the International Youth Federation

(Colorado, USA): This month Ms. Julia Blocher, President of the International Youth Federation, addressed the class of 2018 of the Alexander Dawson School as the guest speaker for this year’s high school graduation ceremony.  

In her inspiring speech, President Julia urges graduates to reach for their dreams and move forward without regrets. An alumna of the Dawson School, she said: “It is truly a pleasure to be back in the campus. You have so many opportunities ahead of you, and importantly, you have all the support of your friends, family and your teachers”.

President Julia encourages the graduating class to embrace past experiences, both positive and challenging, and to learn to live without fear of failure. “Finding success is not always going to come meteoric shot. You have to take one step after another, accept help from others, and always stay committed to reaching for what is just beyond the horizon,” she says.

Through four decades of growth, respect, compassion, courage, and integrity, the Dawson School continues to strengthen its commitment and relationships to students while preparing students for the world they will inherit.

Watch the full speech below.

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