IYF celebrates success and innovation on International Youth Day

Every year on International #YouthDay, the International Youth Federation (IYF highlights its/our  various programmes aimed at empowering, educating, and inspiring young individuals around the globe. The day marks not only a celebration of youth, but a commitment to further fostering their growth and innovation.

"On International #YouthDay, we stand in solidarity with all young minds that represent our future. Let us invest in education, mentorship, and opportunities that enable them to innovate, inspire, and lead the world to new horizons." said Dr. Julia BLOCHER, IYF President.

Empowering youth through education

The IYF has successfully implemented educational initiatives that have reached thousands of young people in various parts of the world. These programmes have provided essential skills, mentorship, and opportunities to youth, setting them on a path toward successful futures.

"The energy, creativity, and passion of youth are not only our greatest assets but also the keys to solving our most pressing challenges. This #YouthDay, we recommit ourselves to fostering an environment where they can thrive, create, and make a meaningful difference." Said His Excellency Amb. Saeed ZAKI, IYF Secretary-General.

Inspiring innovation and entrepreneurship

With a strong focus on utilising innovative solutions and technologies, the IYF has played a crucial role in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in young individuals. Our initiatives aim to elevate to various youth-led startups and projects that are making an impact in their communities.

"Innovation, resilience, and courage are but a few qualities that characterise our youth. This #YouthDay, let's honour them by ensuring they have the tools they need to shape a sustainable and inclusive world, for they are not just a part of our future; they are our future." Dr. Rana Al Azzazy, Regional Director in Middle East & North Africa.

Building a community of Global Leaders

The IYF's leadership development programmes have cultivated a new generation of global leaders. By connecting young leaders across different cultures, these programmes have laid the foundation for international collaboration and positive change.

"Young people are not just the leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today. As we celebrate International #YouthDay, let us remember to listen to their voices, understand their concerns, and engage them in shaping the policies that will guide our collective future." Kat Stevens, IYF Assistant Secretary-General.

Sport for development - uniting youth through physical activity

Sport has long been recognised as a powerful medium for personal development, community engagement, and promoting healthy lifestyles. The IYF's sport for development programmes will harness the unifying power of sport to foster teamwork, leadership, and resilience among young individuals.

"Sport is more than a game; it's a universal language that transcends barriers and unites us all. On this International #YouthDay, we recognize the vital role that sport plays in youth development. Through teamwork, perseverance, and fair competition, sport teaches values and discipline that are essential for success in life. It empowers our youth to strive for excellence, fosters a sense of community, and inspires them to be leaders both on and off the field." Mashaer Alyami, Team Leader, Sport for Development.

She adds: “Let's continue to invest in sport as a vehicle for positive change, shaping a future where every young individual has the opportunity to grow, learn, and succeed.”

The success of these sport-related initiatives exemplifies how physical activity transcends boundaries and brings people together. It serves as a testament to the potential of sport as a tool for positive change and growth in the lives of young individuals.

Looking forward to a bright future

As International Youth Day comes into focus, the IYF renews its commitment to championing youth. With plans to expand its reach and introduce new initiatives, the IYF has a bright future ahead. 

"The youth are the torchbearers of our global society, carrying forward our values, dreams, and aspirations. On this International #YouthDay, le’s commit to empoweringthem, through education and opportunity, to light the way towards peace, prosperity, and a sustainable future for all." Emmanuelle Laloum, Director, Bureau of Programme Support.

For us, this day is a reminder of the potential that lies within our youth and the responsibility to nurture and harness that potential. The IYF stands at the forefront of this endeavour, celebrating the successes of today and looking ahead to the promises of tomorrow.

"Our youth are the promise of a brighter tomorrow. As we mark International #YouthDay, let us not only celebrate their achievements but also reflect on our responsibility to provide them with the resources, support, and encouragement they need to realise their fullest potential." Dario Cirella, Under-Secretary-General.

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