In celebration of youth leadership: IYF Sudan rejoices the graduation of the 4th Batch of Young Leadership Development Programme

From left: H.E. Saeed ZAKI, IYF SG, Prof. Dr. Amel Bakhiet, Krestina KHIER, Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Gamel, General Haider Suliman, Dr. Rowan Saeed, IYF Representative in Sudan

(Khartoum - IYF Sudan): On Sunday, 26 January 2020, the International Youth Federation in Sudan celebrated the graduation of the fourth batch of its Young Leadership Development Programme in Khartoum, Sudan.

“I am pleased to see young leaders are stepping forward into the next phase of life with high hopes, ready to apply what they’ve learned. The graduation ceremony provides a moment for reflection on what they have achieved and on what they’d like to accomplish in the coming years.” Said H.E. Ambassador Saeed ZAKI, IYF Secretary-General.

“The importance of the IYF’s work is driven from the need for a better collective understanding of what youth participation involves, and how it can be implemented for all youth ages. The call for the comprehensive inclusion of youth in community activities, governments, policy and decision-making circles, and civil society organizations is one of the most important pillars of sustainable development” said Dr. Rowan Saeed, IYF Representative in Sudan.

Following the launch of the fifth session of the programme, IYF Representative in Sudan Dr. Rowan Saeed affirmed the continued support of the Federation for youth empowerment programs and initiatives. And she added: “I am happy to announce the continuation of the support for this programme’s fifth batch during 2020-2021”.

In his speech to the graduates, His Excellency Major General Prof. Ahmed Awad El-Gamal, Chairman of the Higher Advisory Committee for the Programme, praised the innovation initiatives of the fourth batch, and he also pointed to what the program has achieved in recent years.

“I would like to thank the International Youth Federation for the continued support to the programme, and I am happy to announce that one of the most tangible results of the programme this year is that more than 70% of the participants have found new job opportunities” said H.E. Major General Prof. Ahmed Awad El-Gamal, Chairman of the Higher Advisory Committee.

The Young Leadership Development Programme (YLDP) is a dynamic and innovative programme, designed to empower Sudanese youth with the values, skills, and knowledge needed to succeed in future fields of work so that they are ready to use their potential to develop themselves and their communities and contribute to a better future for the country.

This programme is one of the first and distinctive programs of its kind in Sudan, which integrates the best theories of modern leadership with the strengths of professional experience by integrating participants into activities, presentations, discussions and various challenges to give them the skill and confidence to lead by example.

Watch the highlight video of the graduation ceremony 

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